Report: Weekend Release of Final Fantasy VII PC ‘A Mistake’

Over the weekend fans were delighted to learn that they could pick up the PC version of Square Enix's popular RPG, Final Fantasy VII for $12.70 on, but then started having problems with the DRM system it uses, SecuROM. When players tried to start the game, the SecuROM DRM failed to authenticate their purchase. Naturally those who bought the game were quite irate.

But according to a source close to the situation, the game wasn't supposed to be released over the weekend because – obviously – it isn't ready for prime-time yet. That source is calling the release of the game over the weekend "an accident."

Square Enix did not issue a statement on the accidental release yet, but when they do we will update this story… The game is currently listed as "coming soon" on the official site.

Source: MCV


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