Diablo III Player Claims $10K Profit from Real Money Auction House

According to this thread on Reddit (by way of CVG), one poster who remains anonymous claims that he (or she) has managed to make $10,000 from Diablo III virtual item trading using the game's Real Money Auction House.

He published his results on Reddit, using evidence such as screens of PayPal transactions and item trading. He claims to have made $2,700 in 12 days, about $1,600 per week.

"One of my favourite parts of gaming has been the economics of the item markets since I started trading in Neopets ten years ago," he wrote. "It is what first got me interested in economics, and I am now studying business at a good university. I hope to consult with game companies someday about balancing the economies of their games."

The person also claims that his (or her) day job is in the stock market.

While the entire story could be fabricated, we have certainly heard our fair share of anecdotal evidence from Diablo III players (that we know) claiming to have made thousands of dollars selling virtual goods from the game. We hope its true and we hope that that person is swimming in it right now like Scrooge McDuck…

You can read the Reddit thread here.

Source: CVG

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    djnforce9 says:

    Now the question is how many hours did that person have to put in to make that kind of money. Given the absurd drop rates, I would have to say that the rate per hour probably wasn't very high unless he was buying under-priced items and selling them for a lot more.

    Blizzard wins too since they get a cut of each and every transaction. That's why the RMAH isn't going anywhere and unfortunately, it's made the game a lot less fun due to how difficult it is to progress with drop rates that low.

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    BigRedNutcase says:

    I think don't think that was the intention of the clause. I think it is meant to discourage people from putting a large sum of money into their Bnet account and using those funds to make a positive return. That kind of thing is what will screw with the economy.

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    Mr.Tastix says:

    That's exactly why I don't agree with them. They're just incredibly strange and conflicting.

    From Section 11 B of the official Diablo III Auction House Terms of Use (this includes the Real Money Auction House):

    "You will not:

    (iii) use the Auction Houses as an investment vehicle;"

    You can still make money off the RMAH, but not via merchanting, investing, flipping or whatever other term you want to use. Simply put, Blizzard may ban your account if you're buying items not with the intent of selling them later for profit.

    I don't understand the huge concern because as far as I'm concerned the RMAH was always designed as a means for Blizzard to make more money from what is essentially a free MMO (Sure the worlds aren't very persistent but the game is massive, multiplayer and online!). Allowing people to use it in such a way would only earn them more money.

    "Risk to the economy" is certainly a viable reason not to allow investment vehicles but generally such things haven't affected other online economies as much as people think. Though the whole "real money" thing might affect the situation more but honestly, how many people actually read the terms in full and actually know about this clause? It certainly doesn't stop people from doing it at all.

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    Mr.Tastix says:

    This doesn't surprise me.

    It's also wise for anyone who does this to stay anonymous, too, because using the RMAH as an investment vehicle is against the terms of use for the RMAH, not that I agree with those terms, mind you.

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    HilaryDuffGta says:

    Cool Story there,and if its legit then props to the guy for making that kind of cash with the game,i havent jumped on the diablo 3 bandwagon yet but am hoping to soon at some point.

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