Ten Years Later: PS2 Emulator PCSX2 Hits Version 1.0 Milestone

Putting aside the arguments for and against emulators for a minute, the developers of the open-sourced PlayStation 2 emulator PCSX2 announced that it has hit a major milestone: version 1.0. The emulator is available for Windows and Linux. There's also a Mac version but it's not at version 1.0 at this point and its performance is reportedly dodgy. The emulator has been in development since 2002.

In this latest "stable: release, hundreds of PS2 games are playable (meaning they don't crash or suffer from odd technical issues, bugs, etc.) Some games will even run in 1080p – like Dark Chronicles, which is highlighted in the video to your left, running at that resolution.

You can find a list of compatible games here. That list offers statuses on 2,299 PS2 games, of which about 1,697 are fully playable.

Source: ZDNet

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