Game Informer the Third Largest Magazine in the U.S.

The popular video gaming magazine Game Informer is now the third largest magazine in the United States, with circulation jumping 37 percent over last year's circulation numbers thanks mostly to GameStop's PowerUp Rewards Pro card program.

"Game Informer's growth in circulation reflects a culmination of the popularity of video games, Game Informer's partnership with the successful GameStop PowerUp Rewards program, and last but not least, a high-in-quality 21-year publication that tries not to miss a beat," associate publisher Rob Borm, tells Bloomberg.

Game Informer's circulation numbers are at 8.2 million copies, making it more popular than Better Homes And Gardens, Reader's Digest and Good Housekeeping. The PowerUp Rewards Pro card program costs $14.99, but is free if you subscribe to Game Informer. The card gives program participants decent discounts on purchases at GameStop and other special perks.

Source: GII


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