Konami Won't Patch Silent Hill HD for Xbox 360

August 9, 2012 -

Gamers who bought the PlayStation 3 version of Konami's game, Silent Hill HD, got a patch last month that dealt with a number of frame rate and audio-sync issues. Good service. But those who bought the game on the Xbox 360 have pretty much been told to "go pound salt." Konami issued a brief statement this week noting that it wouldn't be releasing an update for Xbox 360 gamers who bought the game. Bad service.

The company said in a statement that it had to cancel the deployment of an Xbox 360 update because of technical issues and a lack of resources. Those who bought the game in good faith and expected a working product have basically been hung out to dry. The only condolence Konami is offering is this simple sentence:

"Konami apologizes to any players who are continuing to experience these issues on the Xbox 360 sku."

Apologies are great if they are followed up by actions, but apparently this is the only thing Silent Hill HD Xbox 360 owners are going to get, and that's just not cool...

Source: Game Informer


Re: Konami Won't Patch Silent Hill HD for Xbox 360

i smell lawsuits a coming....

Re: Konami Won't Patch Silent Hill HD for Xbox 360

Okay, maybe Phil Fish has an excuse for running out of money, but Konami sure as hell doesn't.  The handling of this entire HD collection as been atrocious.  I feel bad for Silent Hill fans who want to play these games.  I sure as hell wouldn't be buying any Konami games soon.

Re: Konami Won't Patch Silent Hill HD for Xbox 360

Who said it was a financial problem? The way it's stated they probably faced issues that they thought were too much work to fix.

Re: Konami Won't Patch Silent Hill HD for Xbox 360

So they used up their one free patch already?


Gee MS why not just take 30% from the sale and in order to get something on live a team of beta testers have to pass it.... that way people can patch and add on to a game so everyone can make more money.....

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