OUYA Kickstarter Closes with Nearly $8.6 Million in Funding

The Kickstarter for the OUYA has ended, with organizers of the crowd funding round raking in a final amount of $8,596,475 from 63,416 backers. Organizers were originally aiming for $900,000. That's a pretty wide gulf between those two numbers, but this particular Kickstarter project got quite a few gamers in the community excited about the prospect of a cheap console with decent games that would also let you tinker with software and hardware and NOT void your warranty like consoles from the likes of Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony.

This final number makes OUYA the second biggest funding round in Kickstarter's history, right behind (as EZK points out) the "Pebble Watch."

With all this cash, the goodwill of the community, support for popular services, and the backing of many high profile developers OUYA has a lot to live up to. We hope this $99 Android-based console succeeds, but whatever happens we will continue to follow its progress and report any milestones or stumbles the company making it happens to encounter on the road to actually releasing the console system…

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