Cinemaware Launches Kickstarter for Amiga Classic Remake ‘Wings’

Seeing the success that other game developers have had using Kickstarter, game maker Cinemaware is dipping its toe in the crowd funding waters with a campaign to bring its Amiga cult-classic video game Wings to life again. Cinemaware hopes to raise enough capital (its goal is $350,000) to release an updated high definition version of the game as a "Director's Cut."

Wings: Director’s Cut will be co-developed by Cinemaware in coordination with Raylight Games of Naples, Italy. Raylight developed Wings for the Game Boy Advance. Ken Melville, the writer and composer for the original game, will also be "deeply involved in the game’s production, writing and music composition."

A pledge of $15 will get you the game, an in-game credit and a set of Wings: Director’s Cut desktop wallpapers. For those with money to burn, they offer a $10,000 pledge level, which includes all previous rewards and an "acrobatic ride in a real, WWI-style double decker airplane and other cool, WWI-related tours." There are, of course plenty of reward levels in between those two extremes that offer t-shirts, posters, in-game credits, the chance to contribute to the game design and even a real-life replica of the Wings’ diary (as seen in the actual game).

You can check out the Kickstarter page here and check out Cinemaware's Kickstarter pitch video to your left.

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    Longjocks says:

    I had an email discussion with a friend about this very topic last night. I could see It Came From the Desert working to a degree, but Rocket Ranger – while I liked it back in the day – is really a crap game (in my stupid opinion). The mini-games aren't very good and most of the story is delivered by pages of text. Just doing it in HD wouldn't cut it and by the stage you could say you've 'fixed' it, it would no longer be Rocket Ranger.

    Most of Cinemaware's games have more modern spiritual successors that are improvements on those old ideas. I absolutely loved Defender of the Crown, but since we've had plenty of better strategy games. It's not a game where the idea died. The King of Chicago -> Mafia. Even Rocket Ranger has the poorly executed Darkvoid (if only they made the Nazis as the antagonists).

    However, I guess it depends on the platform. I believe my thoughts hold up for modern consoles, but for the mobile devices they seem to be targeting then the likes of Rocket Ranger may just work.

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