Man Auctioning ‘Life’ on Ebay for $3.5 Million

If you could sell your life on eBay – not your physical body or your soul, mind you – but your life, what would it be worth if your tangible assets could be sold? One man is trying to sell his life on eBay and his asking price is $3.5 million. So why is his life – his assets, his work – worth so much in his mind? Because the seller, Shane Butcher, is the proud owner of the video game retail store chain R.U. GAME? (comprised of three stores and all of its current stock), which he has put up for sale. He has also put up for sale his house and condo (including all the contents), three cars, three kayaks, and his rare game collection.

Butcher's listing notes that all of his employees have promised to "give 110% in helping the new owners with the transition" and a personal vow to stay on as a consultant for six months. He will also make a year's worth of lease payments in advance for all three store locations, and pay a full year of Home Owners Association fees for both residential properties.

If you feel like taking over Butcher's "life" you can get in on the eBay auction here.

Source: MCV by way of Joystiq


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