GameStop Makes Top Ten List of Worst Companies to Work For

I am not sure if GameStop is one of the top ten worst companies to work for in the United States, but analyst firm Glassdoor does. Glassdoor lets employees rate the company's they work for, and apparently GameStop employees voted for the company enough to push it in at number ten on their list. Employees that contributed to the study say that GameStop puts too much of an emphasis on high sales and doesn't provide enough attention to customer service. Employees also criticized the company for putting too much pressure on them to push pre-orders on customers. Anyone who has ever walked into a GameStop or called them with a question already knows this fact…

"Priority is placed on sales instead of games and customers, pushing people to pre-order games can place them in a situation where they spend good money on a bad game with no possibility of a refund, business' models place customers at a disadvantage," said one review quoted by 24/7 Wall Street.

Still, it's probably more fun than working at McDonald's or the food court at your local mall…

Source: Destructoid


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    ChrowX says:

    There's another aspect to working at GameStop that isn't brought up often that frustrates me to no end. Yes, the whole reserves and subscriptions thing is awful, but you know what's really awful? Being expected to do the work on 10 employees for minimum wage.

    What I mean by that is GameStop expects you to be a cashier, a customer service representative, a technician, a janitor, a babysitter, tech support, a walking strategy guide, while knowing every sale and special which their system does a poor job of notifying you of, know every release date for every game, and detailed information on each game so you can also be an unquestionable salesman who can force reserves and subs on every customer who walks in, because their quotas are set so insanely high.

    Are there even any jobs that expect you to do half of that for the same amount of pay?

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    ddrfr33k says:

    That's precisely why I got written up.  In the 9 months leading up to that post, out of the thousands of people that purchased from me, only 15 people filled out surveys.  Because of the low number, anything less than a perfect score threw off my entire rating.  Your protesting a bad business practice actually hurts the pawns more than the people you're against.

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    E. Zachary Knight says:

    The problem I have have with those surveys is that 99% of the people who get one, will never fill it out. Of the 1% that is left, half of them will only fill it out if they are mad or upset and want to get back at the person/company. The other half just do it because they can and will almost always fill out 5s on everything regardless.

    I personally hate them. I don't ever fill them out. Even the "Win a $5000 shopping spree" offer is wasted on me. 

    Basing an employee's job performance on something 1% of customers are going to bother with is a stupid exercise.

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    Andrew Eisen says:

    I don't fill out those surveys because I honestly can't be bothered.

    My company at one time pulled the same nonsense where customer surveys questions are answered on a 1 – 5 scale but anything less than 5 is considered failure even though "3" is "good" and "4" is "very good."


    Andrew Eisen

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    Atrayo says:

    Hi There,

    I've heard 2 to 3 horror stories over the years from former employees that "Game Stop" grinds them out. That their turn over rate with employees is lubricious not just entry level but managerial staff as well. 

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