Meet ‘The Other Bros.”

Kill Screen (a wonderful site that you should read regularly if you don't already) has a story on a game called "The Other Bros.," which re-imagines the story of Mario and Luigi in the 1960's. Naturally they are inspired by those popular Nintendo video game icons and not directly ripping off Nintendo. The company making the game, Michigan-based 3D Attack, describes the Other Bros. as an "episodic platformer that will have you running, jumping, collecting and racing against the clock in a modern take on that time-tested genre!"

In the game you play as two mechanics named Joe and Jim in the 1960's, who find themselves at odds with the mafia after they kidnap their "princess" (Tavy). The game will feature pixel-based 16-bit era graphics, gritty-but-beautiful art, and levels set in junkyards, cities, sewers and more. Watch out for the giant rats. Eek!

You can find a Kickstarter for the game here If you like the idea then help these guys out – they have raised $15,990 of their $50,000 goal, with just 15 days left to go. You can also check out the pitch video to your left.

Source: Kill Screen

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