Facebook: 235 Million Playing Games on Social Network

According to internal data released by Facebook, the number of Facebook subscribers who play games has increased by more than 15 percent over last year. According to the largest social network in the world, 235 million people play games on Facebook, up from 205 million. Facebook claims that this growth has mostly been driven by its new App Center feature, which has helped in driving install and return play rates upwards.

Facebook also claims that users who find games through its App Center are 2.4 times more likely to install them than those who use the old system. Of those people, 35 percent return to play the game they installed a second time the next day, with 17 percent returning "within a week." In the last month Facebook claims that the App Center has seen 150 million users.

The new figures were revealed during a presentation at GDC Europe. The ability to play games such as Bingo Friendzy in the UK that let users earn real-world money will also have an impact on global numbers for Facebook in the long haul…

Source: Polygon

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