OUYA Makers: We Feel Burden of Responsibility to Backers

OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman tells MCV that her company is not taking the support it received from its Kickstarter lightly and that they certainly feel the burden of responsibility to deliver on all of the promises it made to its thousands of backers who helped the company raise $8,596,475.

"We’ve been stunned by the extraordinary support," Uhrman told MCV. "We continue to see people pre-ordering from our website even now that the Kickstarter is over. And we feel a real responsibility to deliver for those who are backing us."

Uhrman said that the company remains confident that the OUYA will be ready to begin shipping in March 2013, despite the high number of Kickstarter supporters and pre-order customers expecting a device at launch. Uhrman, who emphasized that the company has no plans to compete with the big three console makers, also revealed that it will offer updates to the console via software and hardware updates, though specific details were not revealed.

Finally, Uhrman addressed the complaints by some that the OUYA uses a controller and not a touch-screen. She pointed out that it was never their intention to create a device to support quick ports of Android games already on the market. They want new experiences specific to their platform and the combination of the Android OS with a controller will certainly spur the creation of games tailored to the system.

You can read MCV's entire conversation with Uhrman here.

Source: MCV


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