Research: Hand-Held Gaming Systems More Popular Than iPads with Children

According to new research from NPD Group, hand-held consoles are still more popular than the iPad, despite Apple's popular tablet device making in-roads with children because of its ease-of-use and large library of games and apps. According to the data released by the retail research firm, children ages 4 – 14 still spend most of their gaming time with dedicated gaming machines. Tablet devices did have gains from 2012 usage though: according to NPD tablet usage was up 10 percent of 2011 numbers.

"Kids are using tablets to game, watch movies and TV shows, read books, and listen to music," said senior vice president of industry analysis for The NPD Group, Russ Crupnick."They have embraced the utility of these devices quite rapidly."

The data also reveals that older kids spend more of their time with computers and video games, while tablet use is higher among children in the lower age groups. Finally, NPD found that children are more likely to own a portable device than they are a tablet device such as the iPad. Cost probably plays a big part in that.

Source: GamesBeat

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