Sony Reveals Cross Buy: Buy a PS3 Game, Get a PS Vita Game Free

At Gamescom in Cologne, Germany today Sony announced a new initiative that will give PS3 players an incentive to buy: free games for the Vita. Dubbed the "Cross Buy initiative," players who buy a PS3 game in this program will get the PS Vita counterpart game for free.

For example, gamers who buy the PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale will get the PlayStation Vita version free. Sony also announced that Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault will be part of the initiative.

The "Cross Buy initiative" will certainly help move PS3 sales because players like free stuff. We hope Sony will extend this to a number of their new titles moving forward, and hopefully third-party publishers will get involved too at some point.

More details when we have them.

Source: Polygon

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    HilaryDuffGta says:

    since the UEI computers are almost useless to surf the web with i was curious guys,does the vita have a slot for umd games or do you just download them or what? i want a psp and would like a vita due to this deal but not sure how the umd games work since the only ones i want are Kingdom hearts,Final fantasy and Gta

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    MechaCrash says:

    I don't have a Vita and no current plans to own one, but this is something I'm glad to see. One of the major things they wanked on about for the Vita was how you could be playing a PS3 game, and then seamlessly pick up your save on your Vita. Selling both versions as a package deal is the only way this feature isn't completely useless, because while I'm perfectly willing to drop money on a game, I'm not willing to drop money on a game twice just so I can play it on the go too.

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    ZippyDSMlee says:

    Why not give free game voucher and let people choose their vita game?


    Also….being able to play PSP titles on the vita would come in handy about now…..

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