Verizon App Store for Android Adds ESRB Ratings

August 14, 2012 -

While other App stores such as Google Play and Apple App Store have eschewed the ESRB ratings system here in the United States in favor of their own internal systems, Verizon is taking a different tact. Verizon has been slowly adding the ESRB ratings system for all of the gaming apps in the Verizon App Store for its supported Android devices.

The familiar ESRB icons have been showing up in the store for Android smartphones, and Verizon announced today that it had just finished labeling every single app in its portal with the Entertainment Software Ratings Board icons and descriptors, giving consumers who play games a familiar standard...

The U.S. carrier industry trade group CTIA and ESRB announced the plan to bring the ratings to some wireless platforms in November of 2011, recruiting four of the major nationwide mobile operators and Microsoft to participate in the project. Verizon is the first to fully integrate the rating systems into its storefront.

Of course, it would have been more of a success story for the ESRB if Google and Apple decided to join. They will obviously continue using their ratings systems for their respective platforms.

Source: GIGA OM


Re: Verizon App Store for Android Adds ESRB Ratings

AO game allowed/banned on Android? Hmmm we will see in the future.

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