Demand Progress Urges Political Parties to Make ‘Internet Freedom’ Part of their Platforms

Internet advocacy group Demand Progress launched a campaign this week to urge Democrats and Republican lawmakers to make a commitment – in writing – that they will protect internet freedom when creating new legislation and to make the issue part of their respective platforms.

"It's about time for the Democratic and Republican parties to stand up for Internet Freedom — and to do it in writing," the group wrote. "2012 has been a landmark year for those who believe in the right of Americans to share information and communicate with each other free from censorship and surveillance."

"Adopting strong Internet freedom language will help ensure that we'll never have to deal with another SOPA or CISPA," the group wrote on its web site

Demand Progress lobbied against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) this year.

Source: The Hill

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