Intel Guest-Stars in Apple v. Samsung Patent Fight

The patent infringement legal battle between Samsung and Apple took an odd turn this week when Intel interjected itself into the case over a witness for Samsung. Intel asked the court not to allow witness Tim Williams to testify in the case because the topics to be discussed by Williams and Samsung were sealed under a nondisclosure agreement. Intel's attorney said that Williams was under a number of NDAs that forbid him from talking about Intel’s source code, which Samsung planned to bring up in court.

Judge Lucy Koh seemed displeased with all of the attorneys over the matter. She asked both Apple and Intel to file papers on the matter and concluded that – until the matter is sorted out between the three companies – she would not allow Williams to testify.

"I want papers. I don’t trust what any lawyer tells me in this courtroom," Koh said during the trial. "I want to see actual papers."

The court case stems from Apple's accusation that Samsung copied its iPhone and iPad designs in a number of its smartphones and tablets including the Galaxy Nexus smartphone and the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Apple managed to get a preliminary injunction against Samsung, which bars the sales of these devices in the United States while the trial is underway.

Source: VentureBeat


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