Man Accused of Robbing Steve Jobs Home Stole His Wallet and Driver’s License

According to an Associated Press story found on Time's Techland, the person that was arrested for burglarizing Apple co-founder Steve Job's Palo Alto, California home stole his wallet and his driver’s license, along with other items including Apple products and jewelry, according to a police report released Tuesday.

The man accused of the burglary, 35-year-old Kariem McFarlin, targeted the home because it was being renovated, according to police. When construction workers left on July 17, the man climbed over the fence, found a spare key and made his way into the house. Police claim the suspect spent 15 hours in the house taking various items including iPhones, iPads, iPods, Mac computers, Cristal Champagne, and $60,000 worth of Tiffany & Co. jewelry. McFarlin sold the jewelry online and gave the iPads to his daughter and a friend, according to the police report.

McFarlin was arrested at his residence in Alameda, California earlier this month. Apple investigators identified his location after he allegedly used one of the stolen devices and accessed his own iTunes account. Oops!

Police also claim that McFarlin had admitted to breaking into other homes. He has also written an apology letter to Jobs' widow.

He is currently being held on $500,000 bail and being represented by a public defender.

Source: Techland

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