Peter Moore: There’s No Feud Between Valve and EA

There's no feud between Valve and EA over their competing digital distribution platforms (Steam and Origin) – at least according to EA's Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore. Speaking to Eurogamer at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany this week, Moore brushed aside the idea that there's some sort of grudge match between the two companies.

"There's no feud," Moore told Eurogamer. "Remember, we're the guys who published Left 4 Dead and Portal 2. It's Valve. Gabe's a great friend of EA's. We're a great friend of his, we like to think."

But others in the company, like those involved with Origin have offered several slights against Valve's popular Steam platform. And that's putting aside the fact that when Origin was first launched EA emphatically denied that its platform was meant to compete with Valve's. It didn't take too long for everyone – consumers, the media, and the industry – to realize that EA had serious plans in mind for Origin.

Moore also tried to address the controversies that cropped up when Origin first launched – like when EA's games started to disappear from Valve's platform.

"They have different terms and conditions that they put on their games that don't meet what we would like to do with our gamers," Moore said. "They insist on being a layer between the game developer and publisher and the consumer. They take a piece of the revenue stream. And they don't allow us to go directly to the consumer to do patches and updates. So we just agree to disagree. It's not a feud. They have their terms and conditions. We do. They don't meet."

Earlier this year Valve founder Gabe Newell said that they were constantly talking to EA about bringing games back to Steam, but Moore tells Eurogamer that the terms and conditions are "non-negotiable" for them at this point in time.

"We're very clear on what we want to do to be able to put a game on a platform and interact with the gamer," he said. "The current terms and conditions of Steam don't allow that. If they change to meet the contract with the gamer we set out to do, then of course things might change. But until then, nothing's going to change."

As for EA publishing Valve games in the future, Moore says that there have been no active talks about that between the two companies. In all honesty you'd be more likely to see Valve games published by Activision or Ubisoft before you'd ever see them bear an EA label at retail. Despite what Moore says Valve and EA are now competitors at this point…

Source: GII

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