Stardock Sues Former Marketing Manager for Elemental Fiasco

Stardock Systems has filed a lawsuit against a former employee claiming that her actions damaged the launch of its strategy game Elemental: War of Magic. The company filed the lawsuit last month in Michigan Eastern District Court. Their complaint contends that when former marketing manager Alexandra Miseta resigned, she "deleted, destroyed, and/or stole promotional materials, analytics data, and trade show information" that was vital to the game's launch.

The company went on to say in its complaint that her actions made it impossible for the developer to complete important marketing efforts and forced them to refocus resources to re-create the missing materials. Those resources, they claim could have been used for further programming, debugging, and polishing of the game prior to its launch.

Stardock's launch of Elemental in 2010 was a disaster that forced the company to apologize to gamers. It was widely panned by critics and players alike, and ultimately the company was forced to lay off some staff and hire new staff to oversee the ongoing development of the game. While Stardock initially made a profit on the game, CEO Brad Wardell said that it would ultimately take a loss because it committed resources towards fixing all the game's bugs and offering future content to customers that felt slighted by the horrible launch product.

The company's lawsuit claims Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Common Law Conversion, Statutory Conversion, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, and Breach of Contract. Stardock is seeking more $1 million in damages, interest, costs, and attorney fees. You can read the complaint here.

Source: Gamasutra

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