Zynga Spent $75K Lobbying for Online Gambling

Public documents unearthed by the Wall Street Journal reveal that social games maker and publisher Zynga spent right around $75,000 in lobbying fees to get its point across to lawmakers in Washington D.C. and Sacramento. So what is on the company's agenda? It wants online gambling legalized so that it can start offering players of its online social games real-world cash. The company indicated last month during its earnings call that it was keen to start offering real-money gambling to players, but one obvious hurdle is that the majority of states don't currently allow it.

Specifically Zynga is having its lobbyists push a Californian bill that would let companies like itself offer online poker in the state after they pass a thorough background check and purchase a 10-year license to operate for $30 million. Zynga Poker, the company's popular online poker game of Facebook and other platforms, would be a lot more popular if people could gamble for real cash… You can read the law they are pushing for in California here (PDF).

Source: Polygon


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