BitTorrent Sites: Google’s New Anti-Piracy Search Rules Will Help Us

Today Google began a new initiative that basically buries the search results of websites that have a substantial amount of "valid claims" of copyright infringement filed against it. But, as the BBC reports, two major file-sharing sites are saying that the new way in which Google is organizing the search results will likely drive even more traffic directly to their domains. So just who are the two sites making these claims? The Pirate Bay and Isohunt. Both sites also claim that Google search results are not their main source of traffic.

"That Google is putting our links lower is in a way a good thing for us. We'll get more direct traffic when people don't get the expected search result when using Google," said The Pirate Bay in a blog post. "The thing we don't like with this is… they're dictating terms."

Isohunt owner Gary Fung claims that only 21 percent of its traffic comes directly from Google.

"We have plenty of torrent links to non-copyright infringing content, and we'll be adding 1.4 million more from the Internet Archive soon," he wrote on an Isohunt forum.

Fung also questioned the validity of the removal notices, because he claims that they could be spammed.

Source: BBC

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