Nintendo Gets Black Mark over 'Conflict Minerals'

August 17, 2012 -

Nintendo has scored a rank of "0" from the watchdog group, the Enough Project. Out of the 24 companies on its list, Nintendo was the only one to receive the lowest rank possible. The Enough Project is a watchdog group that follows the money trail of "conflict minerals" from the Democratic Republic of the Congo where warlords are fighting for control of the country.

The term "conflict minerals" means any materials taken from mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and sold to outside sources to fund military groups in the region. Besides the ultra harsh treatment workers receive in these mines, the mines themselves are hotspots for fighting because they are so valuable. Ultimately these materials help to keep the conflict going.

"Nintendo is, I believe, the only company that has basically refused to acknowledge the issue or demonstrate they are making any sort of effort on it," Sasha Lezhnev, senior policy analyst at the Enough Project, told CNN. "And this is despite a good two years of trying to get in contact with them."

Responding to the CNN report, Nintendo tried to put a good face on the bad press.

"[Nintendo] outsources the manufacture and assembly of all Nintendo products to our production partners and therefore is not directly involved in the sourcing of raw materials that are ultimately used in our products," a Nintendo spokesperson told CNN. "We nonetheless take our social responsibilities as a global company very seriously and expect our production partners to do the same."

Other companies on the list include Apple, Microsoft, and Sony.

Source: CNN


Re: Nintendo Gets Black Mark over 'Conflict Minerals'

So, let me see if I've gotten this right. Nintendo is being scored 0 because they refused to take a test for something they've never signed up for and never agreed to be a part of. So why is this news exactly? Surely I'm not the only one who finds that to be a bit preposterous? By their logic, they could score any company outside the 23 which did participate a 0. Their big song and dance about Nintendo telling them to get lost is little more than an attempt at slander and blackmail. "You pay up for our certification process or we'll tell everyone you're a big meanie."

Re: Nintendo Gets Black Mark over 'Conflict Minerals'

Yep, sounds exactly like the bullshit ranking Greenpeace does.  It's just a way to stir up publicity for the shmucks doing the ranking.

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