Ubisoft Makes Uplay a Full-Fledged Digital Distribution Platform

The last time we reported on Ubisoft's Uplay, the company was denying that its program installed a rootkit on consumers' computers. From that media buzz, the company thought it would be a great time to announce that it is rolling out Uplay as a full-fledged digital distribution platform not unlike Steam or Origin.

The PC application is building off the company's Uplay online community, so using the client will require users to register for a Uplay account. Ubisoft claims that it features a digital store front for purchasing physical and downloadable games, access to free-to-play titles, its own brand of achievements, cloud saving support, a friends list, and a chat system. Obviously the software will also serve as a central launching point for games. Right now the platform only supports Ubisoft games, but that will change as Ubisoft gets things rolling.

While Uplay is a logical step for the publisher as sales shift from retail to digital it also raises a number of questions for consumers: will Ubisoft continue to support releasing its games on Steam and will Uplay feature some sort of "always-on" DRM-scheme that requires players to be connected even when playing single-player games. We have a good idea what the answer to both those questions are, but we'll wait and see what Ubisoft rolls out in the next few months…

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