Ubisoft Makes Uplay a Full-Fledged Digital Distribution Platform

The last time we reported on Ubisoft's Uplay, the company was denying that its program installed a rootkit on consumers' computers. From that media buzz, the company thought it would be a great time to announce that it is rolling out Uplay as a full-fledged digital distribution platform not unlike Steam or Origin.

The PC application is building off the company's Uplay online community, so using the client will require users to register for a Uplay account. Ubisoft claims that it features a digital store front for purchasing physical and downloadable games, access to free-to-play titles, its own brand of achievements, cloud saving support, a friends list, and a chat system. Obviously the software will also serve as a central launching point for games. Right now the platform only supports Ubisoft games, but that will change as Ubisoft gets things rolling.

While Uplay is a logical step for the publisher as sales shift from retail to digital it also raises a number of questions for consumers: will Ubisoft continue to support releasing its games on Steam and will Uplay feature some sort of "always-on" DRM-scheme that requires players to be connected even when playing single-player games. We have a good idea what the answer to both those questions are, but we'll wait and see what Ubisoft rolls out in the next few months…

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    MechaTama31 says:

    Haha, one of the two major game companies loathed even more than EA looks at how Origin has been received and decides to take a crack at it themselves?

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    Technogeek says:

    The point is that it does have a meaning — one that usually does not include badly coded browser plugins whose vulnerabilities don't even allow for privilege escalation.

    EDIT: Quick example of a poorly thought out DRM method that did include a rootkit — XCP. also known as "that thing that got Sony BMG sued back in 2005". You may notice or remember that among its tactics was "hide its very existence from Windows" and "screw up your CD-ROM drive if you don't uninstall it properly". Browser plugins tend not be hidden to that degree, and deleting the files for them usually doesn't break the browser (While it may have technically lacked the "surreptitiously obtain root/administrative permissions" component of your typical rootkit, the fact that this was written for pre-Vista versions of Windows meant that such code would be unnecessary for 99.9 percent of compatible computers, so I'll let that slide.)

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    Left4Dead says:

    Ugh.  Uvomit is a terrible platform.  Dear Ubisoft – please stop.  Steam is good enough and you don't know how to do DRM let alone digital distribution.

    -- Left4Dead --

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    Not surprising, been expecting this since before EA pulled their stuff off Steam and started Origin. They won't be the last publisher to do it. Eventually the only choice we'll have to buy major releases with be from closed services and we'll see little to no benefits from.

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