PS Vita Sells 2.2 Million Units To-Date

Sony claims that it has sold right around 2.2 million PS Vita hand-held systems since its launch as of June 30. In May of this year the company announced that it had managed to move 1.8 million units of the system. Around 400,000 units sold during the months of April, May, and June. Earlier in the month Sony said that it sold about 1.4 million PS Vitas and PlayStation Portables combined during the last quarter, with the PSP accounting for nearly 1 million of the total.

The numbers don't match up well against the 3DS, which sold 3.61 million units prior to its price cut in August of last year. Sales of the handheld doubled to 6.68 million units one month later…

You know what would help Sony sell more units? A price cut…

Source: Polygon

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    jedidethfreak says:

    Sony can't afford the price cut – the Vita is already selling at a steep loss, and the PS division hasn't been profitable in a few years.  The PS3 was a major debacle financially, along with the PSP and now the Vita, with no way to recoup those losses any time soon.

    If anything, not selling well is actually a good thing – if it sold well, their losses would skyrocket in the short-term, something they REALLY can't afford right now.

    Especially if the PS4 is on its way and will be as powerful as the Sony fanboys wish it to be.

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