Tiny Tower Developer Talks Cloning and Zynga

In an interesting feature over at Develop that lets developers interview other developers, Mobile Pie's Will Luton talks at length with Nimblebit co-founder David Marsh about running the small indie outfit. But the most fascinating part of the interview deals with Marsh's reaction to social game developer Zynga apparently copying the game Tiny Tower. The fun begins with a question about having their games cloned.

"We didn’t have a super strong emotional reaction," said Marsh "We didn’t feel shocked or betrayed. We kind of had a heads up and we knew it was coming. We had heard from some other people that worked at Zynga that it was in the works so we weren’t totally surprised by it."

"We were kind of just a little bit taken aback at just how close of a clone it was because we thought it would just be based on Tiny Tower with the same basic theme," he continued. "But actually, the more we played it, the more it was really pretty close mechanically to our game."

He goes on to voice his disappointment with the way Zynga does business, but he stops short of being angry about being a victim of cloning.

"The annoying part to me was that I know that there are lots of really talented people at Zynga because I used to work with them and they all went to work at Zynga," he said. "It’s just kind of sad for me to think that they would all get tasked with just ‘here’s a game, make something exactly like it’ instead of ‘here’s a genre, a basic idea, what can you come up with?’"

You can catch the rest of the article here. It's a wonderful discussion on being a small studio and how to deal with the issue of cloning.

Source: Develop

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