Press Reset: The Story of Polygon Teaser Video

The all-star team behind Vox Media's popular video game site Polygon have apparently been working on a documentary chronicling the site's birth and the journey to create a new way of covering the video game industry. They have released a teaser trailer for the film, "Press Reset: The story of Polygon"

This article announcing the teaser trailer offers the backdrop:

In April of 2012, a group of writers sat together for the first time, on a stage in the convention center at Boston. They were nervous. Excited. Maybe a little scared.

They had come together, bringing with them a combined half century of experience in video games media, to do one thing: start something new.

On that stage, on that day in Boston, they announced the formation of a new website; the culmination of months of research, debate and hard work. There they introduced Polygon to the world.

You can watch the video here, or check it out to your left…

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