Report: EA Quietly Laying Off PopCap Employees

August 21, 2012 -

According to this Develop report, EA has been quietly laying off employees at its PopCap studio in Seattle, Washington for the last several months. The information comes by way of VG247, citing an anonymous source close to the situation.

That secret source tells VG247 that a number of employees had been quietly let go for the past several months. This story follows a tweet from Duke Nukem creator George Broussard yesterday on Twitter. He hinted that something bad was happening at the studio.

"I think PopCap will struggle to be successful in an EA world that demands more products, squeezing IP dry and less dev time," he said.

PopCap declined to comment on the story.

EA acquired the casual games developer last July for $750 million. The company is best known for creating Plants vs. Zombies and other popular casual titles for PC, the web, Facebook, and mobile devices. At Gamescom they announced that work was well underway on its sequel, Plants vs. Zombies 2.

Source: Develop



Re: Report: EA Quietly Laying Off PopCap Employees

I can only hope that kickstarters will eventually take over and run ea types out of business. They are already just about done bleeding my formerly favorite company, Bioware, dry.

NO MORE ea casualties!

(Speaking of which, Check out the kickstarter for the RTS Planetary Annihilation! We're almost there!)


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Re: Report: EA Quietly Laying Off PopCap Employees

I'm not surprised to hear this. EA's has been prone to this type of behavior for years. I can't believe any companies are still getting into bed with them. Westwood Studios, Maxis and now PopCap, just to name a few. It's a shame for those employees, but people should seriously know better by now.

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Re: Report: EA Quietly Laying Off PopCap Employees

Employees != Studio owners/founders...

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