DNC Denies Westport, Ct. Request for Reimbursement

Earlier this month we wrote a story on the President's re-election campaign invading Westport Connecticut to take part in a fundraiser hosted by movie producer Harvey Weinstein. We thought it was simply a bad case of timing for a number of reasons (it caused chaos in the city and because he was pushing hard for passage of the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 in the Senate). He also hinted that he was considering using an Executive Order to deal with cybersecurity issues if lawmakers couldn't get the job done.

At the time the city of Westport said that it would ask the Democratic National Committee and the Presidential Campaign for nearly $15k in costs associated with putting on the lavish Obama-Weinstein spread and from having to field the many unhappy calls from displaced commuters in the process.

Today, according to CBS Connecticut, Westport has been turned down on its requests for reimbursement. First Selectman Gordon Joseloff tells the news station that the town has been informed it will not be getting reimbursed for the thousands of dollars associated with President Barack Obama’s visit for the fundraiser. He claims that the Democratic National Committee will not pay police and fire overtime costs totaling $14,812.

The Democratic National Committee told town officials that, because it is a private organization and did not participate in security, traffic control, fire or emergency planning, they were not going to pay for said service. The representative said that the town should contact the Secret Service.

"I didn’t expect that we would get repayment, but it was worthwhile to ask." Joseloff said.


Photo © 2012 Walter G Arce / Shutterstock.com.

Source: CBS Connecticut

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    Hevach says:

    Conventions are a bit different. The smallest one in the last century still had about two hundred times the attendees of this event and lasted three times as long.

    The overtime costs are unnecessary in events like this one – cities are generally notified of that ahead of time and they still do it and then make a stink when they're not reimbursed. The president brings security with him and there's no greater fire risk than any other similarly sized event, and they don't do overtime in response to them unless the president is there.

    Romney and Obama have caused this level of chaos in every city they've visited to date, and none of those cities have been given reimbursement for costs they shouldn't have incurred. When Romney came to Michigan he chose Frankenmouth, and shut down the two roads that carried 95% of the town's traffic and all of its businesses, effectively grinding a tourist town to a halt for twelve hours on a weekend in July. Frankemouth received $0 compensation for that, including their unnecessary police overtime.

    Hell, during his term when Bush came to Michigan, his motorcade seemed determine to knock down every street sign and fire hydrant along their route, and none of that was reimbursed either.

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    jedidethfreak says:

    When the RNC came to St. Paul for their National Convention a few years back, they brought their own security AND paid local firefighters and police for their overtime – for an event that had months of planning.

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