Election 2012 Meets Street Fighter in Chair’s ‘Vote’

Epic Games' Chair Entertainment has turned the 2012 election into a literal fight with its new iOS game that lets you play as Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama and punch and kick your way into the White House.

Players can equip their candidate of choice with "iconic American outfits, accessories and items," and as they progress through the game they can unlock score boosters, win votes, and more. Some of the key features, according to Chair Entertainment, include:

  • Comedic cartoon-style political slugfest.
  • Award earned votes to your candidate of your choice and follow the worldwide results in real-time.
  • Featuring informative, real-world voter resource links, including voter registration powered by Rock the Vote, to help make your vote count!
  • Outrageous outfits for you to dress your favorite candidate in. Featuring the Super Prez, Karate Chop, Uncle Sam, Groovy Threads, The Champ, and many more.
  • Hilarious weapons to unlock: the Ice Cream Cone, Sparkler, Microphone, The Constitution, Foam Hand, Balloon of Justice and more.
  • More than 30 wacky ways to accessorize, including the Baseball Cap, Clown Nose, Eye Patch, Sweet Mustache, Cool Shades and Top Hat.
  • Iconic battle arenas: The White House Lawn, the Oval Office and the Debate Stage.
  • Each candidate will lay down the verbal smack down with their most popular catch phrases of the political campaign trail.
  • Fun and challenging Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards.

The game is free and will be released tomorrow for various iOS devices. Players can spend money on items in-game, with some of the proceeds going to MTV's Rock the Vote Campaign. The developers worked with the long-running voter registration program to create the game and offer young voters a way to register for the election in November too.

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