FCC: 119 Million Americans Lack Access to Broadband

Of the estimated 314 million Americans, 119 million have no access to broadband connections. A new report by the Federal Communications Commission reveals that an estimated 19 million Americans have no option to buy or access to broadband Internet service. An estimated 100 million Americans that do live in areas that offer broadband are not subscribers.

The FCC report does not offer numbers for those who do not have access to the Internet at all. US Census figures from 2010 showed that in 74.2 percent of American households, at least one person had access to the Internet at home or outside of home.

Obviously broadband access is almost non-existent in rural areas because cable companies and broadband providers don't tend to build infrastructure in sparsely populated areas.

The FCC has hopes to solve some of these problems with access through its Connect America Fund. The fund will be used to provide broadband access to nearly 400,000 residents and small business owners in the next three years.

Ultimately the FCC says that "broadband is not yet being deployed in a reasonable and timely fashion."

Source: Ars Technica

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