Poll: Are Any Video Game Topics Taboo?

Are there any themes or topics that should never be explored in a video game?

A few years ago, Atomic Games was developing Six Days in Fallujah, a third-person shooter based on a 2004 battle in the Iraq war.  There were many who thought the game was insensitive and inappropriate.  Not in the “well, I’m just not going to play this!” sense but more along the lines of “no one should play this!”  Publisher Konami dropped the game in April ’09 and to this day, it hasn’t been released.

Back in 2008, the internet got wind of a Japanese eroge (erotic game) called Rape Lay.  In the game, you play a miscreant who stalks and rapes a mother and her two daughters.  Many in America were appalled by the game’s content and insisted that the title be made even less available than “not currently sold in this country.”

Back in ’06, cops-and-robbers shooter 25 to Life’s release was protested by several law enforcement groups and elected officials.  It seems some were really uncomfortable with a game that allows players to shoot cops.  Grand Theft Auto and other shooters often endure similar complaints.

The Punisher and Manhunt 2, two games that feature torture, suffered various sorts of censorship all over the globe.

So, some think games shouldn’t cover real-life military battles so soon after they actually happened.  Some think rape or even porn in general should never be a part of video games.  Some get their undies in a bunch over violence against cops or women while others think violence may be okay but outright torture is over the line.

But we want to know what you think!  And we’re not just feigning interest because we’re trying to get in your pants, we honestly value what you have to say!

Vote in the poll over on the right under the LOGIN box and if you know of a topic or theme that should never be tackled in a video game, hit up the comments section or send an email to SuperPACPodcast@gmail.com and let us know what it is.  Let us know why it’s taboo.  Let us know if it’s equally uncool in movies or books.  Let us know what you’re doing this Friday.  ‘Cause, we’re not busy or anything and we thought, you know, if you weren’t doing anything either…

Ahem.  Anyway, vote in the poll, let us know what you think and we’ll discuss the poll results and your opinion on the next podcast!

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-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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