Report: THQ Lays Off Some ‘Non-Development Staff’

While THQ's layoffs announced this week pale in comparison to OnLive's last week or reductions in staff at PopCap and the outright closure of Studio Liverpool, a layoff is a layoff and it doesn't matter if you are one of one-hundred or one of ten affected.

A leak of an internal email written by THQ boss Jason Rubin revealed that the company has laid off about 20 non-development staff from its marketing and production teams. That leaked email made its way into the hands of 3D Realms' George Broussard, who then shared it online via Twitter. Earlier in the week he tweeted about layoffs at PopCap Games.

The move, according to that email, is part of THQ's efforts to "enter into new markets though new distribution methodologies," which will require "a different approach to marketing."

Source: C&VG

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