Survey: Average UK Child Spends 12 Days of Summer Break Playing Games, Watching TV

A new survey by UK-based toy maker Galt Toys finds that the average child in the UK will spend 143 hours and 36 minutes, or 12 full days, in front of a screen during summer vacation. This time will be spent playing computer games, watching television, and playing games on phones, consoles and hand-held devices. The survey also found that one in eight children now owns an iPad, with the average British child having £581 in gadgets.

Six out of ten parents also admitted that they put their children in front of the TV or use game consoles on rainy days to make life easier. Thirty percent say they are forced to put their children in front of the TV because there is nothing else for them to do.

"Our routines are so often shaped by what is convenient and easy and screen technology, while enabling to develop certain abilities, doesn’t always encourage positive social interaction for children," said John McDonnell, Managing Director. "Here at Galt Toys It is really worrying that so much of children’s holiday time is probably spent staring at a screen this summer."

"The holidays don’t have to be like this, even if the weather is bad," he continued. "Playing traditional games as a family, or encouraging children to make things and use their imaginations, is a far more effective and better quality way to pass the time."

Of course, it should be pointed out that Galt Toys does make activity sets and educational toys that they wouldn't mind more parents buying. We don't think that is a bad thing at the end of the day…

You can learn more about the survey results and see a nifty infographic here.


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