Annoyed Gamer – Episode 5: Fanboys

In Episode 5 of the Annoyed Gamer over at GameTrailersTV, Marcus Beer talks about fanboyism and the need for games journalists to grow up a little. It's an interesting episode that makes a lot of good points about how being a fanboy or fangirl is natural and prevalent in other areas of life like politics, favorite sports teams, and favorite brands.

You can check the video out at or watch it to your left.

Thanks to Andrew Eisen for the tip.


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    Neeneko says:

    Overall a good piece, but I was a bit disappointed at his dismissal of the 'girlfriend mode' stuff.. I think he kinda missed the point and is not understanding why it spiraled the way it did… which ironically is why such things become bigger stories then they otherwise would.  People don't get the problem, they tell those who are upset to shut up, the upset people get more upset at having their concerns trivialized, they get backlash with people completely missing the intermediate step, rinse lather repeat.

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