Campaign Story Launches on Facebook

FiveOneNine Games has launched Campaign Story, "the first political Facebook game." Campaign Story lets players run a political campaign as they see fit while trying to gain popularity, get votes and win the election. You can pick a campaign slogan, hire canvassers, hold fund raisers, hire campaign staff, and engage in dirty tricks or fight for the White House with some integrity if that's your thing.

Because it's a Facebook game, players can get their friends involved too if that's their thing. Players vie for popularity and interact with Facebook friends to increase their standing in the polls.

"We are excited to launch our second title, Campaign Story," says Lloyd Melnick, Chief Executive Officer of FiveOneNine Games. "With campaign season upon us, Campaign Story is a great way to let your inner politician out, campaign how you want and connect to something that is fun and socially relevant."

To promote the launch of Campaign Story, FiveOneNine Games is unveiling a ‘Capture Your Campaign Story’ Photo Contest for the upcoming conventions in Tampa, Fla. and Charlotte, N.C. Participants can submit photos that best tell the story of the convention and presidential campaigns. For more information and complete rules and regulations, check out the official Capture Your Campaign Story’ photo contest rules.

To play the game, simply visit Facebook and search for "Campaign Story."

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