Revolution Turned Down Publisher to Crowd Fund New Broken Sword Game

According to Edge, Revolution Software turned down a publishing deal with the industry's "biggest third-party publisher" for its latest game, Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse, in favor of trying to crowd fund it via Kickstarter.

"The publisher approached us and asked ‘what do we need to do to publish Broken Sword?' I was enormously flattered, but decided it was better if we self-published," Charles Cecil said.

Instead Cecil and his company decided to ask fans for the $400,000 it needs to develop the game. This, he says, gives them more control and the ability to make decisions for the betterment of the product.

"Publishers that fund projects have every reason to be cautious and I totally understand why they control the schedule," he says. "But when we have control of budget and schedule we can make decisions that are best for the game."

Cecil also says that crowd funding the game has enabled them to create the first Broken Sword game with writing that is totally unrestricted.

Currently the Kickstarter for the latest in the popular adventure game series is inching towards $100,000.

Source: Edge


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