Australian Capital Territory Introduces R18+ Ratings Classification for Games

The Australian Capital Territory has officially introduced the R18+ ratings classification for games, according to Gamespot (Thanks to Cheater87 for the tip). The law was passed by the ACT Legislative Assembly this week, making it the first territory in the country to do so. The new rating was introduced earlier this year.

"The ACT Government has been a strong supporter of this new classification," Corbell said in a press statement. "By having a regulated and closely monitored R18+ industry for computer games, we can better protect those vulnerable members of our community by placing appropriate safeguards on the sale and distribution of adult-only gaming material. This will also provide those who consume such material with clearer information about the contents of adult-only games."

The federal government officially introduced the R18+ ratings classification for games after it passed both houses of parliament on June 18. The decision to put the new legislation to parliament was made at the July 2011 meeting of the Standing Committee of Attorneys General.

The R18+ for games legislation goes into full effect in Australia on January 1, 2013.

Source: Gamespot

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