DICE Increases The Number of Official Battlefield 3 Servers for Consoles

From time to time we like to give EA "the business" about its policy on used games, online passes, the way it handles DRM, etc., but sometimes they do good things for consumers. For example, today DICE announced that it has increased the number of official Battlefield 3 servers for console systems. This is in response to complaints from some fans about having to use servers run by other gamers who are not always the most cordial hosts… From Dice:

"We have heard your wish for more official DICE servers," the studio said. "As of now, we have effectively quadrupled them on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Note that you will still be able to get quick matched into any ranked server. For the best results if you want an official DICE server, please refer to the manual server browser and enter 'DICE' as a search term."

"If you go to the Server information screen, all official DICE servers will have the owner set to 'DICE'. Remember that you can favorite servers that you like so you can easily find them again on your next session."

Source: CVG


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