FCC Seeks Public Comment on Broadband Speeds and Data Caps

The FCC issued a notice of inquiry this week asking the general public about what constitutes a reasonable data cap and what speed constitutes a "broadband connection." The agency is doing some soul searching and may want to change the definitions on these issues. If data capping and broadband connection speeds are important to you, then this is a golden opportunity to give the agency you opinion and possibly have an effect on future policy.

The FCC also asked for public comment on mobile broadband speeds and caps, as well as latency issues and other topics. Many see this as an acknowledgement by the agency that the 4 Mbps download/1 Mbps upload minimum standard for broadband isn’t useful anymore.

While anyone can submit comments to the FCC via this app, the window to do so is short. If you're interested in having your voice heard on these issues, you have until September 20 to send them in. Enter the number "12-228" (without the quotations) at the location above to get started.

Source: GIGA OM

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