Report: Republicans Adding ‘Internet Freedom’ to Party Platform

Conservative political news site The Daily Caller reports that the Republican Party platform will include a new section on Internet Freedom, to be approved sometime before the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida next week.

The Republican version of "Internet Freedom" would mean the removal of "regulatory barriers" for tech companies, resistance to the move towards international governance of the Internet and full-fledged constitutional protection of personal data.

The Daily Caller claims that the language of their Internet Freedom platform is modeled after Ron Paul's Campaign For Liberty’s Technology Manifesto, and other libertarian tech policy voices such as TechFreedom president Berin Szoka, Mercatus Center senior research fellow Adam Thierer, Associate Director of Technology Studies at the Competitive Enterprise Institute Ryan Radia, and Netcompetition president Scott Cleland.

Republicans also want to update the "woefully out of date" Telecommunications Act of 1996. The GOP does not support Net Neutrality or the Federal Communication Commission's authority to enforce it.

You can read the entire article here.


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