Samsung Ordered to Pay Apple $1 Billion for Patent Infringement

After only two and a half days of deliberation, the jury hearing Apple's patent case against Samsung has returned a verdict. The jury of seven men and two women has ruled in favor of Apple, agreeing that Samsung infringed on all of Apple's utility patents and three of the four design patents related to the iPad. Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple $1 billion in damages, though it is a lot less than the $2.75 billion Apple was seeking.

The three utility patents in question include double-tapping to zoom and bounce back for images, while the utility patents cover things like cover elements, contours, and the shape of the iPhone.

Samsung's six patents that it tried to use against Apple in the case were not infringed upon, according to the jury.

While this may not be the end of the war between the two companies, it certainly is a major setback for Samsung…

Source: Ars Technica

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    ecco6t9 says:

    So Apple has become "big brother" what happened to all the people with the MacBooks claimg that Apple was antiestablishment? Take a shower you filthy hippie!

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    hellfire7885 says:

    Remember when we had a choice of different smarpthones and could even go with an OS that we felt was better?


    I think I'll miss those days.


    And I doubt this is much of a coincidence, before he passed Steve Jobs made a vow to destroy Android and be the only game in town.

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    greevar says:

    I can't imagine how the jury ruled in Apple's favor, when Samsung has proven that their designs predate Apple's. It's madness that stupid little things like multi-touch gestures and the arrangement of icons are applicable for patents. Apple didn't even invent multi-touch, they just, to put it in their own words, "stole" it from others who were developing it. Apple makes a habit of taking ideas developed by many other people (PARC, portable media players, smartphones), combining it into something else, and then goes "thermonuclear" on those that come to a similar result by the same means.

    Apple didn't invent a damn thing. People who "invent" are just adding an innovative, but inevitable, step to a bunch of iterations made by thousands of people over thousands of years.  The camera, for example, was an invention that took centuries to create. Nobody just grabbed the idea from the ether. It started with a box-hole camera when they saw inverted images on the opposing wall from light shining through a hole in a building. Then, somebody figured out how to retain the image with dyes. Then, somebody made those dyes better. Over time people found better and better ways to retain an image. Some others developed other important components like the lens over many iterations across a large span of time. Now you can find a camera on just about every smartphone on the planet, thanks to the effort of those many people that have been plant food for centuries.

    The final result is someone combining the work of many different innovations into a new innovation. Apple doesn't deserve those patents, nobody does. There are just too many people involved in the results to grant patents to a handful of people that just made their iterative contribution. Apple and Samsung are having a pissing contest over who should reap the rewards of a device that is literally millions of man hours in the making, by people that have been dead for centuries, and their (Apple and Samsung) contribution is just a drop in the bucket. Did the people who pioneered the automobile credit the people that developed the wheel or burning dead plants for energy (i.e. combustion)? Are the descendants of the those that made the first wheel getting royalties for their contribution to the automobile? No.

    I'm a little sick of all of the chest-thumping from companies trying to own the latest iteration on ideas that are as old as humanity just so they can be the only ones making money on it. That's not helping innovation, that's holding it back. If we want to see real innovation, real progress, then we need everyone to be free to do whatever they can to find the best, most efficient ways to improve on current technology. Patents only hold back innovation so that an inventor can milk ideas for all the profits they can while others are disallowed to make further improvements. This contradicts the very method by which all innovations happen. Nobody could have invented the car without discovering fire, the wheel, and simple machines (i.e. levers, wheel and axel, pulleys).

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    Neeneko says:

    While I agree the patent system is messed up.. personally I don't really blame Apple for this.

    Ever worked for a company with investors?  Lawsuits like this are barely a choice… if it gets out that you had a lawsuit that could have hurt a competitor or gotten the company cash, the institutional investors who hold your stock will tear you apart.

    It is one of the standard game theory results… if a system is broken and you want to survive you use the broken system within its rules.  Purists who don't, do not do very well.  Apple is playing the same game as every other expletive company in that field because everyone in the field has to.

    Sadly, people really like singling Apple out and ignoring the others.  Just like the Foxconn stuff… same factories supplying parts for most other vendors too, but Apple gets singled out, because that fits the anti-Apple narrative that is so intertwined with geek-cred right now.

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    Adrian Lopez says:

    This is very disappointing. The US patent system is really screwed up.

    According to our illustrious jury, Apple has an exclusive right to make telephones with rounded corners, telephones where you zoom in and out by using your thumb and index fingers, and telephones with screens that appear to bounce if you try to scroll past the bottom of a page.

    Apple has lost my business forever. Earlier this year I had considered buying an iPod touch to replace my old iPod, but I now listen to music on my Samsung Galaxy Player instead.

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    Neeneko says:

    Apple… won a patent suit.

    Apple.. the company that couldn't win a patent suit if the lives of the first born of every single employee was at stake.. Apple, which lost against Apple what.. 3 times… that Apple.. actually won?


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