Black Isle Studios is Back… Sort Of

You may have heard the announcement that "Black Isle Studios is back," but is it really? The Interplay label responsible for such role-playing game hits as Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape Torment, and many others may be back but it is in name only and the developers that once wandered its hallowed halls are somewhere else working on such games as the upcoming enhanced edition of Baldur's Gate and a South Park PRG.

What's more, the studio responsible for those aforementioned hits no longer holds the rights to any of them because they are based on licenses from Wizards of the Coast, who says that it currently has no agreements with Interplay's resurrected label.

At the end of the day Black Isle Studios is just a name and a brand without the talent it once had and lacking the franchise that made it a household name amongst RPG fans. Polygon has a great rundown of everything that Black Isle is not and everything it no longer holds the rights to make…

Source: Polygon


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