LG Prepares Game Portal for 3D Smart TV Line

There's been a slow slog towards bringing gaming to Smart TVs but Samsung is trying to lead the way with a new games portal designed for its Cinema 3D Smart TVs called Game World. Game World will offer both free and premium games to set owners and many of them will be playable in both 2D and 3D, according to Joystiq. Users will have to use either the Magic Remote that comes with the set or a supported third-party controller.

While LG has not mentioned specific titles for the portal, a promotional image it offered up (to your left – also from Joystiq) shows off such games as Cut the Rope, Shadowgun and Plants vs. Zombies. These games are not currently available via LG's current App Store, so you might want to consider these games listed as wishful thinking at this point.

Game World will launch sometime in September, according to LG's announcement today.

Source: Joystiq

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