OnLive CEO Steve Perlman Exits Company

Cloud-based gaming subscription service company OnLive announced this evening that its founder and CEO Steve Perlman is leaving the company. In a press release issued by the company it was announced that Perlman was leaving to work on "other projects," and that lead investor Gary Lauder would be taking over as the company’s new chairman. Charlie Jablonski, the Vice President of Operations, will serve as the company's COO and acting CEO.

After it fired most of its staff and transferred its assets to a company controlled by Lauder Partners, OnLive said that Perlman would stay on as its CEO. What changed between then and now was not disclosed.

"Steve has created an extraordinary company that no one else could have created," said Chairman Gary Lauder. "He is a unique entrepreneur and deserves his legendary status in Silicon Valley as a creator of groundbreaking companies."

"The new OnLive is emerging with greater financial security and a brighter outlook on the future," he continued. "OnLive is now positioned to execute against longer-term projects with our breakthrough technology, products and services. I spent my first week with OnLive listening, to gather people’s thoughts and suggestions. It’s an impressive group, and I am even more convinced that this company is poised for greatness."

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