Xbox Live Arcade’s First Free-to-Play Titles Coming This Fall

While Sony has had no problems bringing free-to-play games like Free Realms and DC Universe Online to the PlayStation Network, Microsoft has been very cautious in allowing online games (let alone free ones) onto Xbox Live. That is about to change when it launches ToyLogic's Happy Wars in the fall.

Happy Wars is described as a multiplayer combat game that will be free for Gold members to download and play. Being a free-to-play title, Happy Wars will also include in-game transactions so you can by various extras to enhance the gameplay.

While Happy Wars is the first, others are waiting in the wings like Signal Studios' action title Ascend: New Gods, which will be released next year.

Could this be the beginning of a flood of new and free games on Microsoft's console? We don't know but we hope that it leads to a more robust catalog of free-to-play titles on Xbox in the not-too-distant future..

Source: GII

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