The Binding of Isaac Reimagined

One of the most interesting games to deal with a horrible social issue (child abuse) is getting a make-over and a re-release. Edmund McMillen's critically acclaimed game The Binding of Isaac is being remade by a new team, with plans for a release on consoles and the PC sometime next year. One of the key features will be local co-op play.

"It will be a new game with all new graphics, music, etc it will also feature an expansion sized pack of all new content, bosses, characters enemies, items etc," McMillen said on his Formspring account. "The remake will be more than just an expansion. The whole game will be remade and rebalanced."

McMillen went on to say that he is aiming for a release of his game on all of the platforms, and that Sony has already expressed some interest in having the title. Microsoft also seems to be interested but details are still being worked out on that deal. It will also be released on the PC, but it's an entirely new property which means that those old saves and achievements will be incompatible with it.

The game will arrive in 2013 at the earliest, but McMillen cautioned that "the game isn't in full development yet," adding that "if it starts soon it will probably take 9-12 months to finish."

Source: Shack News

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