FBI Nabs Alleged LulzSec Member for Sony Pictures Security Breach

Twenty-year-old Raynaldo Rivera has been arrested by the FBI for his part in various cyber attacks as part of the Lulz Security hacking group. The FBI alleges that Rivera took part in hacking operations against on Sony Pictures in May and June of 2011. They further claim that he worked with Cody Kretsinger, another LulzSec member who pled guilty to hacking charges in April of this year.

An indictment containing details of Rivera's arrest was made public on Tuesday. In it the FBI accused Rivera and other LulzSec members of stealing data from Sony using an "SQL injection hacking technique." The Indictment went on to accuse Rivera of posting the information on the internet, and publicizing the attack on Twitter.

"Sabu" (AKA Hector Xavier Monsegur), who some claim is the group's "leader," worked closely with the FBI to help them track down other members after he was arrested last year. Sabu faces charges as well, but last week was granted a six month delay in sentencing due to his "ongoing cooperation with the government." He will be sentenced in February 2013, though his sentence will certainly be lightened due to his cooperation.

Source: BBC


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