Gotham City Imposters Free-to-Play Rumored

Is Gotham City Imposters going free-to-play? According to data on the Open Steamworks Content Description Record Database (by way of NeoGAF), signs point to "yes." The Open Steamworks Content Description Record Database is an unofficial record of games and their descriptions provided by Valve.

A recent update to that description about a "Gotham City Impostors F2P Trailer" is one indicator, while a descriptor about a "platinum edition steampunk costume pack" is another. Since the database is not run by Valve the listing for Gotham City Imposters can't really be considered "official confirmation." Both Valve and Gotham City Impostors maker Warner Bros. declined comment on this story.

The game is already available on Steam for $14.99 and was released earlier this year on other platforms to mixed reviews. The game is a first-person multiplayer-only shooter that lets players take on the roles of Batman and Joker-inspired player characters armed to the teeth with various weapons.

Given its online nature, it would not be that far-fetched to see the game go free-to-play and considering that all of Warner Bros. MMO offerings through Turbine are free, it makes sense. Still, no one involved with the game or distributing has confirmed the story as true.

We'll have more on this story as it becomes available…

Source: Polygon

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