OOPS: Madden NFL 13 Puts Wrong Face on Giants’ Marcus Thomas

An error with an image in Madden NFL 13 has one NFL star agitated to no end. New York Giants player Marcus Thomas was upset when he noticed that an in-game photo of a different Marcus Thomas was in his profile. That Marcus Thomas played for the Denver Broncos three years ago and looks nothing like the New York Giants star.

Obviously the Marcus Thomas who was supposed to be pictured in the game wasn't too happy about it and took to Twitter:

"the creators of madden needs to b slapped for putting an imposter pic in place of me that's not me for the last time I don't look like that," he tweeted.

The good news? Madden NFL 13 content producer Donny Moore tweeted later on that he would make a fix to the profile error in the next update for the game.

Source: Kotaku by way of Joystiq. Image also via Joystiq.


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